What is the percentage of the sales goes to the artists

50% of the payment we receive from clients, and 50% goes to their materials cost ( myBatik)

Can i direct bank in to the artist

yes, you can. we can provide their bank account. so means you need to bank in two times, 50% to the artist and 50% to myBatik.

if i bank in direct to myBatik for the purchase, can myBatik provide any proof of payment to the artist

yes, once myBatik transfer the payment to the artist, and myBatik will send the payslip via email to the clients. within 5 working days.

Can i make appointment to meet the artists with a donation

yes you can, subject to the availability of the artist, suggest you do the appointment with 2 weeks in advance. because for meeting with outsider, we need to schedule the artist’s mother too, so this will take up time, due to their availability

Can i come to visit myBatik workshop to try the hands on experience in Batik Painting

Certainly! myBatik workshop is open everyday from 8am till 5pm. More details about all type of Batik art activities, can visit to mybatik.com



Do I have to call before coming to myBatik workshop

You are advised to make a reservation if you are coming in a group of more than 5, otherwise, you may just walk in.