About Sek Yin

Material       : 100% cotton

Suitable for : Home

Type           : Original Hand Painted

Format        : Unframed

Size              : 100cm x 100cm


Product Description

This product is a beautifully hand painted batik artwork by a 20 years old Down Syndrome boy under the supervision of Emilia Tan (the founder of myBatik).

Koi fish are used in many art decorations in many Asian cultures in the home. It generally represents good fortune and prosperity. It can also symbolise courage, strength and power.

Lotus flower are always paired with Koi fish. Lotus flower symbolises beauty and purity.

So Koi fish with lotus flower symbolises determination, success and beauty.

This gorgeous piece of art can be used as a table cloth or as a wall hanging art piece.

sek yin

sek yin

sek yin

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